Nice day for ducks

Weird stuff going on at home, though not altogether surprising. Quite often I play my guitar and attempt to sing one-man-and-his-guitar songs in a fairly good approximation of a tortured cat, the pain on our actual moggy’s face notwithstanding. In stealth mode in the corner lurks my Google Home automated spy, covertly listening over the last few weeks. Today I wander into the kitchen, say ‘hey Google, play discover weekly’ and it sets up Spotify, which plays me all the same songs by one man and his guitar – only this time perfectly, and even throws in a few Jeff Buckley classics to complement my destruction of Hallelujah. Although, as we all know, there’s no way Google is listening and gathering intelligence until you say ‘Hey Google’ …. is it.

Anyway, here’s a couple of ducks, stuck indoors during last week’s rain.

4 thoughts on “Nice day for ducks”

    1. My brother had a story a while ago about a conversation in their Alexa equipped house, following which adverts started appearing in their FB feeds for just the very thing they’d been talking about.

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